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We do at least three things to make life easier for Mother Earth.

  • We use earth friendly fertilizers, like chicken fertilizer, not fertilizer made from crude oil.
  • We use earth friendly pesticides, like chrysanthemum juice, Neem tree oil, and BT, a naturally occurring bacteria that is pest specific, not a broad-spectrum “bomb”.
  • We use elbow grease, not chemicals. (Hoes, shovels, etc.)

In addition to treating the earth kindly, we do things that make life better for you.

  • Since 1900, over 95 percent of crop varieties have become extinct.  Shocking isn’t it?  Loss of crop varieties reduces our cultural and flavor diversity; makes us vulnerable to crop devastation from a single insect, disease, or global weather change; and limits our future medicinal discoveries.  Many seeds currently used by farmers are hybrids, which means the seeds do not produce “true to form,” causing many farmers to heavily rely on seeds from “controlling” seed companies. The seeds used at Berry Creek Farm are naturally occurring seeds, not corrupted by unsustainable energy requirements or ridiculous scientific methods to create unnatural genetically modified organisms.

  • We strive to be economically sustainable by taking on the higher cost of earth friendly products and seeds and striving to pay laborers a fair wage, which in turn causes us to expect a good price for our products. Much of the food industry in the US is subsidized by the government (your taxes), which has resulted in nutritionally poor food and artificially low prices for the consumer.
  • Our customers/partners benefit because we focus on “real food” with optimum flavor and nutrition by selecting varieties known for flavor and constantly improving the soil so the plant can absorb the nutrients needed, which results in nutrition and flavor.





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