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Fresh Peaches from Berry Creek Farm

What We Do

With 8 acres in production we stay pretty busy.  We are registered organic and raise some of the best produce in this area, in our humble opinion. Organic table grapes, peaches, strawberries, and veggies A-Z fill the plates at our home and can fill yours, too.

Our poultry is pasture-raised and our eggs (chicken, duck, goose, and turkey) are available at the pleasure of the “girls.” There have been a number of “raids” lately on our poultry with signs pointing to an owl or bobcat.  While we are pleased that our poultry are recognized as excellent quality, we are searching for a way to “encourage” the “raids” to stop.

We use chicken tractors, or as we call them “RVs,” as protection for the poultry at night. They also provide a place for the chickens to roost and nest. During the day, the chickens get out and roam around eating insects. The “RVs” are moved around the farm to ensure the supply of food for the chickens and fertilizer for the farm.

Over the past few years we have added ducks, geese and turkeys to the poultry mix here at Berry Creek Farm.  We sell duck, goose and turkey eggs as they are available, too.  If you have never used duck or goose eggs for baking, you should give it a try.  Pastry chefs know the secret and you will, too.






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