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Produce Availability

Here is a sampling of the items available at the farm or through our CSA program. Click on the highlighted words for more information about the varieties. 

  • Apples, Arkansas Black                                 September
  • Asparagus, varieties                                        April-May
  • Beans, varieties                                               May-August
  • Beets, varieties                                                May-July
  • Broccoli, varieties                                           April-June/October/December
  • Brussels Sprouts                                             October-December
  • Cabbage, varieties                                           May-July
  • Cauliflower                                                     May-June/October-November
  • Crabapples, Dolgo                                          September
  • Cucumbers, varieties                                       June-September
  • Eggplant, varieties                                           May-October
  • Grapes, varieties                                             August-September
  • Horseradish                                                     June-July       
  • Lettuce, varieties                                             Spring & Fall
  • Melons, varieties                                            Summer
  • Mint, Spearmint                                             Summer                                  
  • Okra, varieties                                                 June-September
  • Onions, Candy                                                April-June
  • Peas, varieties                                                 May-July
  • Pasture-raised meat chickens                          year-round
  • Pasture-raised brown and blue eggs                year-round
  • Pasture-raised duck, goose, & turkey eggs     as available
  • Peaches, varieties                                            June-July
  • Peppers, varieties                                           Summer & Fall
  • Potatoes, varieties                                           May-September
  • Radishes, varieties                                          February-May
  • Spinach, Bloomsdale                                       April-June
  • Squash, varieties                                             Summer          
  • Strawberries, varieties                                     April-June
  • Sweet Potatoes, varieties                                October-December
  • Tomatoes, varieties                                         June-November

This list is a work in progress. We'll be providing updates to this list, information about the varieties and getting more pictures up as soon as they are available. Click on the produce links for more information.



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