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Great Books

A number of books come to mind as our inspiration for becoming a part of sustainable agriculture. Here are a few.

Real Food: What to Eat and Why–Nina Plank (available at Amazon.com for $16.29 and half.com for as little as $7.50). This book might be a little slow at the start, but stick with it and enjoy the ride! It's entertaining, informative, and quite convincing.

How to Pick a Peach: The Search for Flavor from Farm to Table–Russ Parsons
(available at Amazon.com for $17.82 and half.com for as little as $16.50). This book is a great shopper's guide. Take it with you next trip to market and you won't be sorry!

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto–Michael Pollan (available at Amazon.com for $13.75)
Pollan proposes a new (and very old) answer to the question of what we should eat that comes down to seven simple but liberating words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. His book gives you much to think about when evaluating our "Western diet" and certainly makes us feel better about farming as a way of life.

The last Lecture–Randy Pausch
This book doesn't really deal with sustainable agriculture, but is a great read. It's worth the time!

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual–Michael Pollan (available at Amazon.com for $7.47)

For the Kids

As the proud grandparents of a number of perfect grandchildren, we want to share some of their favorite reads.

Harriet the Spy–Louise Fitzhugh  (available at Amazon.com for $11.96 and half.com for as little as $0.75). This book is believed by many to be one of the best children's novels ever written. It centers around a curious and intelligent girl who spies on people and writes about them in a secret notebook. Once her classmates find the notebook, she finds herself an outcast as they read her painfully blunt comments.  Over 130 readers were moved to review this book on amazon.com. That speaks volumes.

Blueberries for Sal-Robert McCloskey (available at Amazon.com for $11.55 and half.com for as little as $0.75). A great readalong book for the young ones with vintage 40's style illustrations. Timeless and delightful story. Kids, Bears and berries—to say any more would probably give it away. Fun read!

Half.com is a wonderful resource, but please check seller's feedback prior to placing an order.



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