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Barkley on the job

About Our Staff

Barkley is the original member of our security team and Jacque’s favorite is getting on in years, so he stays a little closer to the house now, but still dashes off when “danger” arises from critters (deer, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, etc.)

Camilla, the Duchess of Berry Creek Farm, is the alpha female and undoubtedly the finest example of her breed, the Great Pyrenees. 

Gonzo is a lovable, huge Great Pyrenees who can still tear stuff up; from critters to plastic irrigation fittings…will he ever mature?

Miss Piggy and Janice are the rookies who have a lot to learn.  Training is on going and it will be awhile before they turn pro, but they are making great strides.

The cats come and go making us believe they are getting better offers elsewhere.  Cats do tend to like the “cushy” life.  We are currently on numbers thirteen and fourteen.

The guineas play an important part in our farms security with their squawking and in pest control by eating scorpions, grasshoppers, ticks, etc. They are funny looking with a tiny head and big body but oh so helpful.


The other "cast of thousands" includes beneficial insects that keep this charming, organic farm going.

Natural Pest Control with Praying Mantis




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